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Here you’ll find achievement data for the pupils at Brent Knoll School including achievement in GCSE and other accredited courses, end of Key Stage achievement and Post-16 outcomes.

In 2018-19

  • We have been awarded an SSAT SEND Exceptional Outcomes Award 2019 in recognition of our innovative practice and the impact it has on our learners.
  • The progress 8 figure of -1.53 places us in the top 10% of special schools nationally (1406).
  • This progress 8 score puts us at the top in both Lewisham and Bromley Boroughs.
  • Data showed that the development of communication skills was excellent and instrumental to all pupils’ achievements.

 Achievements Data 2018-19


For information on achievement at Brent Knoll, including Progress Scores and Expected Standards, please visit:

The Department for Education School Performance Tables for Brent Knoll


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