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School Facilities

Our new school building opened in September 2015. We were privileged to be given the opportunity to design a bespoke learning environment for all our children and young people. We took an uncompromising approach to create a calm, nurturing and safe space where all learners can achieve their potential.

Plans were painstakingly designed, adjusted and adapted to create the highest quality built environment, which our pupils deserve. Based both on current research into the impact of the built environment on the wellbeing of children and young people with communication and interaction difficulties and our own experience of maximising the use of available space, we created a building that has become internationally renowned.

In 2017, our school building was shortlisted for the prestigious Architects’ Journal School Building of the Year Award. We were the only specialist setting and the only state-funded school to be shortlisted.

The National Autistic Society highlighted our building as having been “designed with great sensitivity to the needs of people with autism.”

We continually strive to improve our built environment and are constantly looking for ways to enhance and maximise the spaces, both internal and external, including the pursuit of sustainability.

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