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Additional Support

In order to meet the needs of our pupils, Brent Knoll School offers a variety of school-based therapies and additional support while working closely with a number of outside agencies. School-based therapies provide children and young people with SEND improved access to education by supporting:

  • Communication and language development
  • Social interaction skills
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Psychological well-being
  • Emotional regulation
  • Skills required for daily living
  • Physical development
  • Independent learning and living skills

The wide range of needs of children and young people at Brent Knoll requires different levels and types of provision. This means that support might be best provided for entire groups or classes, such as whole school training or class intervention approaches, working in collaboration with school staff. On the other hand, more specific support may be required and is delivered through individual or small group targeted intervention approaches also in collaboration with school staff. In addition, specialist interventions may be necessary for those who require a highly individualised and personalised programme of work.

Therapies Overview

Special Educational Needs Information Report

Schools are required to publish information on their provision for special educational needs. The latest Brent Knoll’s information report can be seen by clicking on the link below.

SEN Information Report

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