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Sing Up Music Resources


Please see information below from SingUp who provide excellent music resources that may be of interest:

    #FeelgoodFifteen with Sing Up 
    Tune in on Tuesday mornings at 9am GMT for fifteen minutes of live singing and musical fun to start off the day. Join us at Sing Up at Home or on YouTube for #FeelgoodFifteen, ideal for children aged 4-11 and their families.  
Sing Up at HomeYouTube
You can share the link with pupils and parents via email or social media and in your Google Classroom or VLE. Catch up on #FeelgoodFifteen in our archive on Sing Up at Home and access the songs used in the stream yourself.  
Catch up on #FeelgoodFifteen 
Your Free Song
New beginning  this song is a great way to celebrate springtime and the first glimpse of summer sun. Flowers are growing and the birds are singing,
​Welcome in this new beginning.  
Sing Up Song Bank
For more springtime resources, our Spring Collection for Members includes songs, playlists, videos and resources, full of the joys of spring.
  Sing Up Recovery Curriculum  
Our brand new recovery curriculum resources help schools address key themes and losses caused by the pandemic. Songs, playlists, guides and ideas are available for Members to underpin your teaching.  Recovery Curriculum  
  #FeelgoodFifteen with Sing Up