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Positivity Rocks


Positivity Rocks!!

I have posted on the website about the ‘Positivity Rocks’ that some of our pupils made and displayed outside the school to take away and move to different areas of the community in the hope of spreading some joy and hope and thanking those that have been working relentlessly in these difficult times.

We have had a really positive response and I had a lovely 9socially distant conversation with somebody from the local community who said that the hands thanking the NHS had brought a tear to her eye when she first passed and was feeling a little down .

I then received these words from a local member of the community with some photo’s of our transplanted rocks in their new location:

‘Thank you for the lovely rocks you made and put outside. I was having a sad day, my cat did not want to eat her food and I was stuck with a picture book that I am working on, and had no good ideas. So I went out to buy different cat food, and some food for myself, and I saw a rock that said HAVE A NICE DAY, and then a whole lot more rocks that said nice things. I read your teachers’ note and decided to take two rocks along. While I carried them in my pocket, I thought that children are nice, and I had a few ideas for my book. I left one rock, the one with the smile, by a friend’s house. He lives in a block with many people, and now the rock will smile at them all when they go out. The other rock, which was golden and said YOUR INCREDIBLE, I left at Forest Hill station, in the underpass where people often shelter, and where people can see it when they go to work as well. Ihope it reminds them all that they are incredible, because it is easy to forget sometimes. Now I am back home. The cat has eaten the food, and she seems happy now. I will work on my picture book.’

Shortly after I received the following kind words from a Sydenham resident:

‘I was on my daily walk earlier this week and I came across the children’s Positivity Rocks. I was feeling quite sad that day as I was missing seeing my family as I do not live with them. Seeing the rocks really cheered me up, I held on to one for my hours walk, from the school I walked the stone through Forest Hill and it really made my day. Please thank all of the children for me. I placed the rock by an entrance to Mayow Park, so people who like me are going on their daily walks can enjoy the lovely message.  Thank you for making this tough time a little easier and giving me a task to focus on my walk!’ 

Our very own Police Community Support Officer Andrea has been helping share tales of the positivity rocks on Twitter

I do hope that you are all keeping well and that this brings a smile to your face as it did to me.