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2022 Governing Body Survey Results


Dear families

Thanks to those of you who responded to the survey that we sent out to gain your views about Brent Knoll. 30 responses, approximately 20%,  were received and we have provided a summary of the findings to share with you all.

Overall the responses were very positive and it was clear that in terms of making sure that pupils are safe and happy, encouraging positive behaviour, British Values, promoting holistic development and meeting individual needs there was no disagreement that the school was making effective progress in these areas.

The vast majority of you believed that the school is managed and governed effectively and responds well to concerns, provides regular communication and accessible information, supports Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing, make healthy lifestyle choices and encourages your children to gain confidence, independence and social skills.

For a number of questions responses from families indicated that they were unsure. This depended on the question but some commentary indicated that Covid may have had an impact on their knowledge of the school and hopefully this will be resolved as families are more able to visit the school.

Two areas where there was a minority on tending to disagree were in being aware of the concern/complaints procedure. This is shared on the website along with other statutory policies and for ease we have provided a link to the policy here. The other area was around the Annual Review Providing appropriate information about your child’s learning and development. As we move into the new academic year the school will be providing training for staff following some operational changes to the process that have been introduced by the Local Authority. Please remember that you can always get in touch with the class team for your child if you wish to discuss any particular aspects of learning and development.

There was some commentary about the after school offer which is something that Mr Taylor will look to extend in the coming academic year and the swimming programme has been affected by the closure of the local pool at The Bridge but the school are looking at alternatives

Headlines from the survey

  • 97% agreed or tended to agree that the school keeps your child safe with 3% unsure
  • 97% agreed or tended to agree that the school listens and responds to your child’s view
  • 93% say that Brent Knoll is open and responds well to questions, issues and concerns raised
  • 80% of you would recommend Brent Knoll to others with 20% unsure
  • 93% agreed or tended to agree that the school actively promotes, supports and positively encourages your child’s Mental Healthy and Emotional Wellbeing with 6% unsure or tending to disagree

‘My son has changed so much since attending Brent knoll, for the better. He’s so happy there and loves his teachers and friends’

‘Outstanding school’

‘My child is happy at Brent Knoll’

Thank you to those of you who responded and for taking the time to read the summary which we have provided. We are available if you wish to discuss anything or raise any issues you can contact us by email at  The Governors meet regularly with staff members and the Head and work with the school in tandem to help all of the school community to

‘Be the best that we can be’